The Company Admin Module you were looking for.

Open source. Scalable. Easy-to-use.

This user role covers assorted administrative tasks, enabling efficient management of user roles and permissions. It further offers reporting capabilities and allows administrators to access and analyze quality assurance data for improved decision-making.

Take charge with QA and achieve smooth operations!

Professional Themes

QA comes with beautiful native themes designed for each industry. You can also create your own custom theme or use one from our themes store.

Optimised & Mobile Friendly

Use integrated tools to help you be top ranked in search engines. Your website will be automatically adapted on mobile devices.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Use the built-in dashboard to see your best sales and get advanced statistics on your eCommerce.

Multi Websites

Configure multiple stores on the same database. Share products between websites.


Use the integrated tracking tool or connect your Google Analytics account to understand the behavior of your visitors and improve the conversion rate.

Fully Integrated QA apps to make your life easier


Formulate elaborate and advanced marketing campaigns that are centered around your prospects.


Create email campaigns to engage your customers or encourage leads to attend promotional events.


Discover high quality insights through surveys and get them completed through email campaigns.
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